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Cyclades is a group of islands for every taste.


They combine the ultimate romantic sunset of Santorini and the delirious nights of Mykonos.


You will be fascinated by the wild beauty of the islands and their crystal-clear blue waters and you can always pay a visit to Tinos for a religious quest.


Cosmopolitan and at the same time unspoilt, Dodecanese have always captivated the visitors’ thoughts.


Visit Dodecanese to explore Greek cuisine, to learn about Greek history and become part of the Greek mystery.


Search for the Valley of the Butterflies, the Cave of the Apocalypse and the birthplace of Hippocrates.


Sprinkled over the Argosaronic Gulf the islands offer you a journey into ancient Greek mythology and glorious Greek history.


The islands of the Argosaronic Gulf are of the most picturesque and have always been romantic, yet cosmopolitan destinations that attract visitors from all age groups.


Heptanese, or else The Seven Islands, are worth remembering.


They are widely known for their breathtaking landscapes, the dense vegetation and the clear blue-green waters.


The homeland of Odysseus, the scenery of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin and Papanikolis Sea Cave are only a few places to visit.


If you are looking for a place to relax, have fun and explore the Greek culture as well, then Crete is your place.


The largest island of Greece, filled with a wide variety of landscapes, is famous for its Minoan civilization that defined a great period of Greek history.


Take your time to explore it and discover the hidden beauties which shall gratify every taste.


“Mamma mia”, monachus monachus and pine-tree forests are only few reasons to visit Sporades.


Placed in the northwest Aegean, Sporades will definitely satisfy your need for relaxation and nature exploring.


And for various selections of tastes, traditional and contemporary cooking will gratify your expectations.


North Aegean consists of some of the largest Greek islands.


Visit Chios to taste Chios Mastic, a substance used in cooking and in pharmaceutics from the ancient times.


Pay a visit to Lesvos, the island of the traditional Greek ouzo Plomari, or go camping to Samothrace and mountain climbing to its famous Mount Moon.